An overview on the complete course

NEGOTIATE LIKE A PRO is a video learning program created by Paul Robinson

Negotiate like a Pro  

Video Duration: 1 hour 33 minutes | eBook, Workbook |Certified Training | Powered by Positive Revolution

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Negotiate Like a Pro

This course is a 9 days online training program to help you to learn and strengthen your negotiating power. This training will introduce you to the new strategies for negotiation, negotiating styles and techniques, and building alternatives for better negotiation. This program will help you how to get convince your clients, customers, employees or even peers about your stand point and arrive at a mutually beneficial agreement. Irrespective of your field of profession, negotiation is a skill required in every area of your life, whether it is to make your spouse understand your point of view or your kids to go with what is best for them or making people understand and believe in abilities in the work front.

NEGOTIATE LIKE A PRO is presented by Paul Robinson

The course overview:

This course has 9 modules. The video learning kit has a running time of one hour and thirty-three minutes. You can chose to view one video a day or complete the entire course in one day.

Learning Modules:

Module 1. Introduction to negotiation

Make an analysis about your negotiation quotient; set your learning goals

Module 2. What is negotiation?

Understand what is negotiation and what it is not

Module 3 TIPs for negotiation

TIP: Time, Information, Power- learn how they play out during negotiation

Module 4. Different negotiating styles applicable under different circumstances

Competitive Vs Cooperative negotiation styles

Module 5. The Principled negotiation

The Harvard negotiation project for Win more/ Win more negotiations

Module 6. Understanding BATNA

How to add power to your negotiation using BATNA

Module 7. Three steps to effective negotiation

The framework and tools to help you to get into any negotiation like a professional

Module 8. Games people play

Ten different games people likely to play while negotiating with you. How to identify them and use your knowledge to outsmart them.

Module 9. Master skills of a negotiator

Take your negotiation to the next level with these add on critical skills

Each module above contains questionnaire and exercise elements, as well as an end-of-module journaling assignment, which is a unique, and the first of its kind practicing tool for better improved learning format.

The first module of NEGOTIATE LIKE A PRO